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Solar & Wind Charge Controllers


Wind Controller Operation

Whisper Controller Overview

The Whisper Controller provides all of the necessary functions and displays for safe and productive wind generator operation .It includes interface features for setting the regulation voltage, monitoring the state of the system, and manually disabling battery charging .The Whisper Controller interface mechanisms include the LED Display & the Diversion Switch.

The Controller contains all of the Whisper Generators power electronics including rectification and load diversion. Additionally, it continuously monitors voltage, current, energy production, and wind speed (optional). There parameters are measured to ascertain system parameters (i.e. battery voltage) and turbine state (i.e. whether power is being generated).

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Assembly of Master Controller
Assembly of Master Controller
Assembly of Master Controller
Assembly of Master Controller
Master Control Board
Master Control Board

Wind Turbine Controllers

Normal Voltage

  • 900 watts 12V / 24V / 48V (with dump loads)
  • 1000 watts 24V / 48V (with dump loads)
  • 3.2 KW 24V / 48V (with dump loads)
  • 5 KW 48V / 60V (with dump loads)
  • 7 KW 48V / 60V / 120V (with dump loads)
  • 10 KW 48V / 60V / 120V (with dump loads)

High Voltage

  • High Voltage Controllers can be manufactured as per order.
  • Instrumentation - Battery charging cuurent & voltage.
  • Protection - Auto regulation at battery full charge condition with elecrical auto braking.

Solar PWM Charge Controller

Solar regulators, which are also known as solar charge controllers, regulate the solar panel’s charging current to provide the most effective charge to the batteries without overcharging them. They also prevent the batteries from back-feeding into the solar panel at night. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) regulation is the most effective controller’s power devices.  When in PWM regulation, the current from the solar array tapers according to the battery’s condition and recharging needs.


  • Typically 30% more solar energy into the battery per day.
  • Average battery State-of-Charge is 90-95% compared to 55-60% for other controllers.
  • Ability to recover lost battery capacity and de-sulfate a battery.
  • PWM charging can double the life of the battery.
  • State of the art a MOSFET designs.
Nominal Voltage 12 VDC upto 1 KW, 24 VDC from 1 to 2 KW, 48 VDC from 2 to 5 KW, 120 VDC for 5-20 KW, 240 VDC for 15-25 KW, 360 VDC from 25 KW upto 100 KW
Battery TYPE VRLA/Flooded Lead Acid Tubular
Protections Output Overload, Battery over charged, Battery Deep Discharged, Reverse Flow
EFFICIENCY (At full load & nominal input voltage)
Efficiency >=95%
Acoustic Noise Level NIL
Ambient Temperature -10 to 60 Deg C
Storage Temperature -20 to 80 Deg C
Humidity Upto 98% RH, Non condensing
Enclosure Protection Grade IP - 20
Cooling Natural Cooled
Colour Siemens Gray
Cable Entry Bottom


Solar-Wind-Battery D. G. Master Controller

  • A master controller consisting of solar charge controller, wind charge controller, over & under voltage protection and metering for power input & output.
  • Master controller controls output voltage within a specific band to meet system requirements.
  • Continuously monitoring battery state of charge.
  • If the battery gets discharged beyond a certain point due to low / zero generation from wind and solar, the sensor automatically starts the Diesel / Gas generator. The DG recharges the battery through a specially designed battery charger built into the controller & stops only after a full recharge is sensed.
  • In the event of a DG failure, the master controller sends an alarm signal through a mobile / internet network, so the repair team can be deputed. The battery still has 12 to 24 hrs. of power storage & so the equipment has uninterrupted work cycle.

Master Controller
Master Controller

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