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Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller


  1. Capacity : 2.5KW/3KW/4KW 24V/48V & 120V/240V
  2. Modular construction for easy installation/ dismantling. Multiple units can be connected in parallel.
  3. Built in Ammeter and voltmeter
  4. All statues monitoring indicating Led and control switches are available on the front.
    • LED : Battery OK (Green ) - Voltage between 42-62 V
    • LED Battery High (RED) - Voltage above 63V DC
    • LED : Auto mode (Green) - Charging on PWM mode
    • LED : Manual Mode (RED) - Direct Charging bypassing PWM
    • LED : Batter Low (RED) - Battery Low Voltage below 42 V
    • LED : Over Load Trip (RED) - Power to battery disconnected and transferred to Dump load
  5. All Control cards (2 nos) are plug in type and easily replaceable
  6. Safe operation upto Ambient temperature limit of 520C
  7. Powder coated body -corrosion proof
  8. Built in battery reverse current blocking diode
  9. Battery short circuit protection by built in MCB
  10. PWM based overcharge protection - in auto mode
  11. Higher voltage charging option for equalization charge-in manual mode.
  12. Wall mounting or base mounting arrangements provided
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