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Whisper 200 Controller

Whisper 200 Controller


The whisper controller is equipped with two switches and one MCB (miniature circuit breaker) that are used to set certain operating system parameters. The default switches setting from factory are suitable for majority of installations and should not be changed without consultation.


  1. Capacity : 1 KW 24V/48V or 120V/240V.
  2. Modular construction for easy installation/ dismantling. Suitable for standalone or multiple parallel module application to suit different power rating
  3. Built in Ammeter and voltmeter
  4. All status monitoring indicating LED and control switches are available on the front.
    • viii. LED: Battery OK(Green ) - Voltage between 42-62 V
    • LED Battery High(RED) -- Voltage above 63V DC
    • LED : Auto mode (Green) -Charging on PWM mode
    • LED : Manual Mode (RED) -- Direct Charging bypassing PWM
    • LED: Battery Low (RED) -- Battery Low Voltage below 42 V
    • LED : Over Load Trip (RED) -MCB trip due to over laod.
    • LED : Brake ON (RED) -- Auto or Manual brake applied
  5. All Control cards (2 nos) are plug in type and easily replaceable
  6. Safe operation upto Ambient temperature limit of 52 C
  7. Powder coated - corrosion proof sheet steel box.
  8. Built in battery reverse current blocking diode
  9. Battery short circuit protection by built in MCB
  10. PWM based overcharge protection/load diversion - in auto mode
  11. Higher voltage charging option for equalsition charge-in manual mode.
  12. Automatic braking mode at very high voltage / very high rotor speed
  13. Manual brake switch on from front panel.
  14. 3 connection for 3 phase WTC input and 2 output connections - for battery, 2 for dump load and 3 for energy meter are available on the front.
  15. Wall mounting or base mounting arrangements provided

New Design Coming Up

Specification: State of Art.

  1. Microprocessor based programmable control.
  2. LCD based scrolling display
    • System voltage
    • Wind charging current
    • Wind charging power (Watts)
    • Total energy generated (Wh)
  3. The controller has a plug-in point for anemometer and will provide following data:
    • Continuous wind speed
    • Cummulative average wind speed
    • Monthly average wind speed
  4. Data logging and data transmission facility - Optional
  5. Stored data protected by supervisory password
  6. Turbine rotation speed continuously monitoring - Optional.
  7. All other operation and protection same as present controller
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