Luminous Renewable Energy Solutions (P) Ltd

We specialize in "Distributed Power Generation"

Luminous Renewable Energy Solutions (P) Limited (Formerly :UD Energy Systems (P) Limited) designs, manufactures, installs & maintains Off Grid & Grid Connected wind solar & wind solar diesel intelligent hybrid power plants. It is the Master Distributor of Southwest Windpower, USA, the largest manufacturer of small wind turbines globally.

We manufacture some of the Southwest Wind turbine models under their License. We also manufacture associated Power Electronics like wind controllers, solar controllers, Wind Solar Diesel Master Controllers & custom made change over switches.Tubular batteries used in our Power plants are manufactured in house.

We generate, store & deliver electricity at remote locations where Grid Power have not reached. Our remote monitoring systems continuously monitor the performance of these power plants, store real time & historical data through GPRS/ Internet for display to customer anywhere in the world. Worldwide, specialized companies having long experience in these remote, self sustaining, automated power plants are indeed few.