May 2010

Government of India (MNRE) declares direct subsidy for purchase of Small Wind Turbines. Subsidies are available for individuals, corporate, non-profit organizations & Government organizations.

Following are the approximate subsidies available for UD Energy System Wind Turbines:

Wind Solar Hybrid including battery & inverter using following Wind Turbines Subsidy available for Wind Turbine portion. Subsidy on Solar extra.


Individual / Corporate Non-profit org. /
Govt. org.
AIR-Brezze Rs. 20,000 Rs. 30,000
Whisper 200 Rs. 70,000 Rs. 1,05,000
Whisper 500 Rs. 3,20,000 Rs. 4,80,000
Skystream Grid Tie Rs. 1,80,000 Rs. 2,70,000


Subsidy is available for Wind Solar Hybrid Power Plant with battery & inverter & all erection hardware.

For every 1 KW installed capacity of Wind Solar Hybrid, individual / corporate will get Rs. 1 lakh subsidy & non-profit organizations / government organizations will get Rs. 1.5 lakhs subsidy under the following conditions:

  1. The ratio of Wind-Solar will be minimum 60-40.
    Example-1 - For 5 KW Wind-Solar, 3.2 KW (Whisper 500) with 1.8 KW Solar can be used. Subsidy will be Rs. 5 lakhs for entire system.
    Example-2 - The system can also be 3.2 KW (Whisper 500) Wind Turbine + Inverter + hardware. The subsidy will be Rs. 3.2 lakhs
  1. Location of installation shall have minimum 4.17 m/s annual average wind speed.

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January 2010

Whisper 200 wind turbine received IEC 61400-2 & 61400-12 Certification from CWET (Centre for Wind Energy Technology, India).

October 2009

UDES starts manufacturing of Whisper 500 Wind Turbines at India factory under license from Southwest Windpower, USA. The machines manufactured here get full satisfaction & validation certificate from the principals, SWWP.

24 February 2009 - Export of Wind Turbines to Vietnam

UDES executes a large order for 10 numbers, 48 volts 3.2 KW wind turbines and controllers for remote telecom power supply at Vietnam. Each Wind turbine is marine treated for protection against corrosion for sea side installation.

21 February 2009

UDES bags a prestigious order worth 0.75 Million USD from Goa Energy Development Agency, India for turn key supply, installation and maintenance of 23 number Wind Solar Hybrid Power Plants of 10KW and 5KW installed capacity. These power plants will generate pollution free electricity for all the remote primary health centers, navel based, powergrid corporation and Luxury Hotels of Goa. Project completion time is 6 months.

17 February 2009

Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (LPT) takes majority stake & Management control of UD Energy Systems Pvt Ltd. LPT is a Rs. 500 crore turnover energy storage company, manufacturing invertors and lead acid batteries for invertors, UPS systems and auto mobiles. UDES being a remote power generation company & LPT being a power storage company, the tie up is synergic. UDES will hence forth have full support of LPT by way of management support, financial support & marketing network support through 4000 strong distribution network of LPT.

September 2008 - Export of Wind Turbines for FIJII Telecom

UDES executes a large order for 14 numbers, 48 volts 3.2 KW wind turbines and controllers for remote telecom power supply at FIJJI & VANUATU. Each Wind turbine is marine treated for protection against corrosion for sea side installation.

March 2008

UDES installs Wind Solar Battery Diesel intelligent hybrid power plant at,

1. Centre for Wind Energy Tech, Chennai - 5KW
2. Mandya College near Banglore - 5KW
3. Goa Renewable Energy Development Agency - 5KW
4. Meghalaya Renewable Energy Development Agency - 5KW
5. Crompton Greaves, Mumbai - 6.4KW
6. GTL, Pune - 8.2KW

Each of these power plants are continuously remote monitored through GPRS / Internet based software / hardware.

August 2007

The first Remote Monitoring System for Solar Power Plant completed 5 months of Satisfactory performance in August 2007. The system monitors the performance & health of 2 banks of 120 volts 800 AH batteries connected to 2 solar arrays of 13 KWP each. These are installed at Ganga Sagar Island, India, under WBREDA (West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency).

May 2007

In May 2007 UD Energy Systems installed a cluster of 10 numbers interconnected high voltage Whisper 200 Wind Turbines at an Army Outpost at Leh-Ladhak (18000 ft. above MSL in the Himalayas). These turbines, along with Solar Modules provide power for military communications.