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Design Your Own Power Plant With Costing

Decide your electrical load

Fill in the details below to find your daily energy need in Watt Hours.

No of Appliances - Insert the No. of appliance that will work simultaneously / all at a time.
Avg. hours of operation / day - Insert the No. of hours the appliance will work every day - considering they all work together / simultaneously.
*For last 5 loads please fill up wattage also.

Appliances No of Appliances
Wattage of each
Avg. hours of operation / day (Hrs)
Ceiling Fan
Table Fan
6 inch Exhaust Fan
4 Feet Tube Light
2 Feet Tube Light
Slim Tube Light 4 Feet
CFL Light 22W
CFL Light 18W
CFL Light 15W
CFL Light 11W
Color TV Medium
Color TV Large
BW TV Medium
Color TV Portable
BW TV Mortable
Refrigerator 300 Liters
Water Pump 0.5 HP
Water Pump 1.0 HP
 Water Pump 5.0 HP
Home Mixer Grinder
Micro Wave/ Electric Oven
Air Conditioner 1 Ton
Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton
Hot Water Geyser 25 Liters
Washing Machine
Halogen Lamp 70 Watts
Other Loads 1
Other Loads 2
Other Loads 3
Other Refrigerator
Other Airconditioner

Your Daily Energy Requirement is Whr equivalent Electricity Units.

Please go to next step for sizing your wind solar power plant.

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