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Design Your Own Power Plant With Costing

Decide your electrical load

Based on a daily load of Whr and wind speed of M/s average, recommended system for you is specified as under,

Product Qty/Units Price
AIRX 400 wind turbine with 1.5 inch dia 30 feet pipe mast hot dip galvanised & controller 0 0
Solar Module size in watts (with GI support structure and charge controller) 75 16875
Tubular Deep cycle battery with 2 days storage (Watt Hr capacity) 1 8.5
Inverter capacity (VA) 500 6500
Cable 1 701.505
Total Amount   24085.005

*Note: The price is Ex Warehouse and freight, VAT and erection charges extra.

YES, I want to install the system

YES, But price looks too high. I would like to resize system by reducing some appliances or working hours. (By increasing the wind speed and keeping the load same, the system sizing and pricing becomes lesser). want to rework?

Sorry not interested at the moment

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