Remote Monitoring Systems (GPRS / Internet Based)

Our remote monitoring systems are unique, user friendly and developed after four years of pains taking research. It is the third generation of SCADA & since it works on a Internet Communications platform without any captive network, it is highly economical. The system is modular and can be easily expanded. It can also be modified for different types of applications.

How it Works?

The data on performance parameters are continuously read by local sensors. The hardware and software in the sensors communicate to the local communicator.

The communicator transmits data through GPRS to the internet which finally reaches the Master Server. Incase GPRS connectivity is temporarily lost, the local hardware stores data for 24 hours.

The master server converts the information in the form of usable graphs, tables, charts and emergency alarms (in the form of e-mails or SMS to the user).

The user can log on to the Internet to see the instantaneous and historical data of his system being monitored.

Types of Remote Monitoring Systems Available