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Rover Battery Watering System

AUTOFILL - The name to trust in battery watering system


AUTOFILL is a unique battery watering system used for batteries in forklifts, golf carts, railway, telecom & power utilities. It replaces manual labour by an automated filling process. It ensures correct water level in batteries, thus avoiding over-filling & spillage or under filling & starvation of batteries. Fast filling enhances productivity levels, reduces stress on manpower and allows direct water supply to battery. Also since there is direct water supply to the cell vent, there is no chance of contamination. UD Energy Systems are the exclusive Master Distributors of Rover & Rover, Germany for teritories of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and SriLanka.

Autofill workingAUTOFILL Working

Replenishing the battery causes the float to rise and releases the valve from its recess. As a result, the water is able to wash around the valve lens and the water stream moves the valve up. Then the water pressure holds the valve lens against the valve-sealing ring and keeps it closed. So the required water levels are maintained and the battery functions smoothly.

AUTOFILL Advantage

  • Reduction in labour costs due to radically reduced filling time.
  • Longer life of batteries with regular, precise maintenance.
  • Improved vehicle / system reliability.
  • Eliminates the danger of over-filling and acid splash, which can cause personal injury and corrode the machine body / floor area.
  • Does away with under-filling, which causes the plates to be exposed and results in a loss of battery capacity.
  • Since the process is so much more efficient and the user is never exposed to the battery acid, the likelihood of neglect is greatly reduced.

Industry Applications

It is used in all sites where flooded lead-acid batteries are used like, Forklifts - Pallet Trucks & Stackers, Sweepers & Scrubbers, Utility Vehicles , AGV's (Automatic Guided Vehicles), UPS Systems, Tow Tractors, Scissor & Boom Lifts, Golf Cars, Railroad Locomotives, Train lighting & air conditioning batteries, Mining Vehicles, RV's, Boats, Wind Solar Power Plants, Power Stations etc.


  • Internal Water Ttrap: The integrated water trap protects against explosive transmission of oxyhydrogen gases from one cell to another through the water hose system. (Verified by the German battery company Hagen, Research results available on request)
  • Self-closing Hydrometer Access: The self-closing hydrometer access allows one to insert a hydrometer without opening a cover that could break, get lost or be left open. The maximum diameter of the fill-tube is VP 3mm (1/8").
  • Built-in Level Indicators: Each AUTOFILL cap's built-in level indicator tells whether the particular battery cell needs water or the electrolyte level is OK.
  • Multiple Feed Pressures: AUTOFILL can operate with gravity tanks or pressurized water supplies. It is able to operate from 0.7psi (0.05bar) to 45 psi (3 bar).
  • Unlimited Series Connection: Theoretically, there is no limit to the number of AUTOFILL caps that can be assembled in a string. No parallel branches are needed.
  • Durable Polycarbonate Body: AUTOFILL is made of polycarbonate. This high quality material is more impact and temperature resistant than the cheaper polypropylene used by most competitors.
Internal Water Ttrap
Internal Water Ttrap
Multiple Feed Pressures
Multiple Feed Pressures
Unlimited Series Connection
Unlimited Series Connection
Durable Polycarbonate Body
Durable Polycarbonate Body
Built-in Level Indicators
Built-in Level Indicators
Self-closing Hydrometer Access
Self-closing Hydrometer Access
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