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Solar & Wind Inverters

Pure Sine Wave - Provides quality AC equivalent to grid power. A sine/quasi sine wave extend the life of the household appliances (lights, TV, fans) and improve load performance.

High Efficiency - A high peak efficiency will reduce heating and make more solar wind energy available for powering loads.

Low Self-Consumption – During no load conditions, solar wind energy is not wasted.

Extensive Electronic Protections - The Inverter extensive electronic protections that will automatically protect against faults and user mistakes such as short circuit, overload, high temperature and low voltage disconnect. Recovery from most faults is automatic.

Solar/Wind Inverter
Solar/Wind Inverter
Capacity: 100 VA to 20 KVA (Pure Sine Wave / modified Sine Wave)

Features of Solar Inverter:

  • State of the art MOSFET/GBT design with instantaneous Sine Wave Control
  • Digital control by Micro controller
  • High conversion efficiency (better then 92%)
  • Available upto 100 KW ratings
  • Compliance to the international standards
  • Input DC voltage tolerance of +/- 20%


Nominal Voltage 12 VDC for 200 VA to 800 VA, 24 VDC for 1 KVA to 1.5 KVA, 48 VDC for 2-3 KW, 96 VDC for 4-6 KW 120 VDC for 7.5-12 KW, 240 VDC for 15-25 KW, 360 VDC upto 100 KW
Power Capacity 0.2 KW upto 100 KW (as per required rating)
Load Power factor 0.8 lag to Unity within KVA & KW rating
Nominal Volateg 230 V AC, Single Phase & N
415 V AC, Three Phase & N (for 7.5 KW upto 100 KW)
Regulation +/- 5%
Frequency 50 Hz (+/- 1 Hz)
Waveform Sinewave/Quasi Sine Wave
Total Harmonic Distoration <2% Max. for 100% Linear Load
<5% Max. for 100% Non-Linear Load
Overload Capacity 125% for 1 min., 150% for 15 sec.
Inverter MOSFET based (0.2-6 KW)
Duty Continuos
EFFICIENCY (At full load & nominal input voltage)
Inverter Efficiency (DC to AC) >=90%
Acoustic Noise Level <68 db @ 1.5 Mtr
Ambient Temperature -10 to 50 Deg C
Storage Temperature -10 to 70 Deg C
Humidity Upto 98% RH, Non condensing
Altitude <1000 Mtrs. above Sea Level (without derating)
Enclosure Protection Grade IP - 20
Cooling Forced Air
Colour Siemens Gray
Cable Entry Rear/Bottom

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UD Energy Systems Workshop

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