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Optimized & Intelligent (Wind – Solar – Battery - Diesel) Hybrid power plant for continuous electrical power supply under all conditions

Presently solar power stations or wind solar power stations have the following limitations or problems:

  • A typical solar photovoltaic installation has a solar module which is oversized to take care of low sunlight days. Thus the system is very expensive. Even then, this system fails to provide full power on many monsoon days when skies are overcast.
  • Wind solar installations use both oversized solar modules (part of the capacity) and oversized wind turbines (part of the capacity). The investment is less than pure solar but these also have problems of no generation during sunless or wind less days. As a result, the systems and batteries are either very much oversized to cover deficient days or they deliver less power on those days.
  • An intelligent wind solar battery diesel hybrid system uses an optimized capacity of solar module, an optimum capacity of wind turbine – just enough to provide full power on the best sunshine or windy days. The summer is sunny and monsoon normally are quite windy in most parts of world. This takes care of more than 50% of the year. For the balance part, the Diesel generator takes care of the small balance power - the generator runs once in a few days for a very short period (using very little fuel), filling up the power deficiency in the battery and then automatically shuts off. This optimizes the system size and cost and at the same time takes care of continuous power – under all conditions.

A typical installation consists of a Wind- Solar- DG- Battery hybrid to provide continuous power totally unmanned, where each perform the following activity.

  • Solar module of optimum capacity to provide for the part of the day’s  requirement.
  • Micro wind turbines, light in weight, are mounted at a height of 20 to 25 meters – take very little space. The height allows smooth flow of wind for better power generation. Wind turbines are sized suitably to provide full power along with solar during summer months and make up for the loss of generation by solar panels during monsoon months.
  • A deep cycle tubular battery with one or two day’s autonomy is used to store the power and supply the load through a heavy duty industrial sine wave inverter.
  • A Master Controller cum Inverter is used consisting of the solar charge controller, wind charge controller, dump load, under and over voltage protection, metering for power input and output, a large AC to DC battery charger and built in Inverter for AC output.

Three special functions of Master Controller are:

  • Controlling output voltage within a tolerance band of rated voltage for the system using specially designed circuit.
  • Continuously monitoring battery state of charge (not by voltage measurement which is unreliable - as voltage changes with life of battery) by special software.
  • Auto start & stop of diesel generator based on predetermined state of charge of battery.

If battery gets discharged beyond a certain point due to low/ zero generation from wind and solar, the sensor automatically starts a diesel generator. The DG recharges the battery through the battery charger built into the controller and stops only after a pre designed charge level is reached. The built in software starts and stops the generator at such levels of battery state of charge that almost 100 % of DG power is accepted by the battery without much charging efficiency loss (normally 15% loss in battery charge efficiency is brought down to irtually nil). Thus the DG runs for a very very short time.

  • It also has a (optional) built in remote sensing device which monitors battery state of charge, battery health, wind power generation, solar power generation, DG operation timings and energy output, daily power supply from the system and also system failures. All data can be remotely monitored through GPRS and internet – so wherever the system is installed, it can always be monitored and action taken.
  • In the event of DG failure, solar or wind failure, the master controller sends alarm signal through the GPRS / Internet so that repair crew can be deputed. The battery still has 12 hours to 24 hours of power storage and so the equipment does not stop functioning.

Three such systems are already working for 2 large telecom companies for last 2 years at their remote off grid signal towers.

Remote Monitoring – A unique feature has been added to the system which involves micro sensors fitted to the battery bank, Wind Turbine and solar modules.

It continuously monitors the power output from Wind Turbines and solar modules and also records past data of power generation. It also indicates the condition and state of charge of the battery and gives advance alarm if failure is anticipated.

The information is transmitted through GPRS and internet and the user can log on to his personal website to see the condition of the system.

  • at that moment.
  • past performance.

UD Energy Systems (P) Ltd. are registered with MNRE (Govt. of India) for the system offered. This company is also the sole proprietor of the remote monitoring system offered here.

UD Powerhouse
Wind Solar Battery Diesel Hybrid - Power for Off Grid Telecom Tower - With Remote Monitoring system

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Master Controller For Wind Solar Mains Dg Hybrid System
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