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Remote Monitoring Systems (GPRS / Internet Based)


Wind - Solar - Battery Diesel Hybrid Power Plant Monitoring System
Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant & Battery Monitoring System
Battery (Cell by Cell) Monitoring System
Wind Speed Monitoring System
Wind Speed Direction, Humidity & Temperature monitoring System
Solar Irradiation Monitoring System
Wind Solar Power Generation Potential Monitoring System
Solar Thermal Water Heating Monitoring System
Solar Thermal Steam Generation Monitoring System
Diesel Generator Monitoring System

Wind Speed Monitoring System

By logging into the website with his own password, the user can see:

  • Instant wind speed at site (average of 2 mins, 10 mins & 60 mins)
  • Wind speed graph upto one year.
  • Wind speed distribution in a particular time period in the form of bar chart and tabular form.
  • Executive summary report card for a site - showing whether wind speed is good or bad.
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